Caveman Coffee Sabertooth - Dark Roast Keto Coffee

  • SABERTOOTH – This Brazilian bean is not your typical dark roast; it will satisfy that dark craving, but won’t mute the delicate and beautiful flavors.
  • DARK, STRONG & BOLD– The Sabertooth Roast is smoky on the nose, with notes of campfire marshmallow, vanilla pipe tobacco, and toasted hazelnuts. It touts a balanced smoothness with a hint of lemon peel on the finish.
  • SINGLE ORIGIN BEAN— Originating from Brazil, the unique flavor and quality of this bean is achieved through our one of a kind roasting process.
  • QUALITY & SUSTAINABILITY — The overall process, from growing to roasting, ensure the highest level of quality and sustainability, earning White Gold the Rainforest Alliance Certification.
  • PALEO APPROVED – Blend one cup of this dark brew with one tablespoon each of MCT oil and butter made from goat’s milk. Throw in a pinch of sea salt and stevia to taste, then blend to frothy perfection.
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