6 Incredible Benefits of MCT Oil

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It’s been verified with many studies that mct oil has majority of health benefits, from burning fat to improving your cognitive abilities. There are countless health benefits of this magical mct oil.
Half chopped coconut on a wooden table

The abbreviation of mct oil is defined as medium chain triglycerides; which might be saturated fatty acids, the name is given because of their chemical shape, specially the association of carbon-hydrogen atoms. Mct has 6-12 carbon per chain giving it a structure that could easily be damaged by the body to convert it into energy. Mct oil consists of mct fat which is made by men; these fats can be either derived by processing coconut oil, palm oil or other dairy merchandise. Mct oil is liquid at room temperature, it is odor less and colorless and no longer encouraged for cooking due to its low heating point.

Healthy and natural fats for your body

Mostly mct oil is used as remedy for treating certain digestive issues. It is a source of easily digestible fat especially for the individuals who cannot tolerate other kind of fat because as compared to long chain triglycerides LCT, MCT are easy to digest and good for heart and brain health. It’s also used for weight reduction and boosting energy levels by people who are doing diet or workout.

Why MCT oil is the key to ketosis

Our body commonly uses glucose to gain energy; this glucose is acquired from different kind of carbohydrates (by the starchy or sugary foods). The body breaks down those carbs to produce glucose, which is then used in supplying energy to body or save it. 

What if body isn’t having sufficient glucose or less carbs consumption? 

When our body does not have enough glucose for energy it begins the usage of stored fats inside the body which produces ketones, and this process is known as Ketosis.

Bowl with various coloured vegetables, advocado and chicken cut into strips

How a ketogenic diet works

Commonly when you are having a carbs diet, your body does not need ketosis to be performed however when you cut off carbs, ketones are produced inside the body to meet energy needs. Ketosis is likewise utilized in weight loss in a special type of diet that is referred to as ketogenic diet or simply keto diet.

Keto diet includes decreased carbs intake however multiplied fats to reduce weight or maintain healthy lifestyle. The reduction in the consumption of carbs puts our body to a metabolic state of ketosis, in this way the fats that we intake is consumed in generating energy for the body and not stored in the body. When you are on a ketogenic weight loss plan the blood sugar level is also reduced giving you a lot health benefits as a result.

MCT oil and regular Coconut oil

The main difference between coconut oil and MCT oil is that, coconut oil is found naturally and it has 50% of MCTs and small amount LCTs. whereas mct oil is not found in nature but it is manufactured by different methods. The difference in these two is their composition and their usage but they both are good for health.

Halved coconut together with a bottle of mct oil on a white wooden table

If you are looking for weight loss and brain boosting properties in an oil then go for MCT oil because it is easier to be digested by your body as compared to coconut oil. On the other hand coconut oil has its own unique properties; it has healthy fats and contains lauric acid which is not found in MCT oil. 

Coconut oil can be used in cooking or in raw form. So as a whole, – both of these are good source of healthy fatty acids but due to their properties it is your own choice which one to be used.

Benefits of MCT oil

As we have discussed about what is mct oil, now it’s time to have a look at some of mct oil benefits.

1. Helps in weight loss

One of the most known mct oil benefits is weight loss. If you include mct oil in your diet, it can lead to weight loss. It is easy to be broken down by the body and used as source of energy.  When you intake mct oil you have a feeling of fullness and you do not need to eat carbohydrates for more energy. Mct oil promotes ketones production in your body hence your body burns the already present fat, reducing the levels of fat in the body. Many people who are on ketogenic diet now include mct oil in their diet to increase their metabolic rates and reducing fats

Well-trained woman puts a tape measure on her flat belly

2. Hunger reduction

MCT oil reduces your hunger level, if you are prone to eating more than 3 times in a day. Mct oil makes you feel full and you can go several hours without having daily snacks. Mct gives rise to ketones production which reduces the production of ghrelin which is known as hunger hormone. Thus hunger reduction is one of important mct oil benefits.

3. Improves brain functions

Your brain is composed largely of fatty acids thus you need enough fats to your diet that can provide you with more energy for the better functioning of your brain.  Study has shown that intake of mct oil has improved memory problems in the people having Alzheimer’s disease; mct oil provides energy to neurons and helps them keep alive in the Alzheimer’s patients. MCT oil improves your memory and brain functions.

Young man sits concentrated working on his notebook

4. Boosts your energy level

One more interesting MCT oil benefits is boosting your energy. Diet rich in Mct, increases your energy level particularly among the atheletes.it is equally beneficial for people who do exercise or work out daily, intake of mct oil increase their energy level and they can do work out for longer period of time, feel energetic and good.

Young man jogging on coast at sunset

5. Helpful for diabetes

Most people having diabetes are also obese. Taking mct oil promotes ketosis which reduces the levels of blood sugar in the body and reduces body fats hence it is beneficial for the people who have diabetes. It helps them control their body weight hence resulting in better management of their diabetes. A study has shown that, mct’s are helpful for the management of diabetes.

6. Promotes gut health

MCT oil has anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory properties and thus good for your gut health. They promote the growth of good bacteria inside your gut and reduce the bad bacteria growth that is important for intestinal health and functioning.

Along with plenty of mct oil benefits, let’s see some what are draw backs of mct’s which can be seen if you consume higher levels of mct oil more than usual.

  • It May be hard on sensitive stomachs.
  • It is hard to carry with you while traveling.
  • It cannot be combined with other supplements.
  • It is not suitable for cooking because of having low smoke point.
  • Oily texture may not be pleasant for many people.

How to take MCT oil in everyday life

If you are new to include mct oil into your diet then you can follow these ways to enjoy mct oil benefits rapidly.

  • You can simply add teaspoon or spoon of mct oil in your drinks in a quick way to take it.
  • You can pour it to your salads as a salad dressing.
  • You can add it to your smoothies.
  • You can add it to your foods while baking because it has low smoke points.
  • Mct oil is also good for your skin health and hairs so you can use it as a moisturizer or hair oil same like coconut oil.
Salad is mixed with two spoons and the addition of mct oil

Pure MCT Oil

When buying mct oil, you need to make sure that is pure but what pure mct oil is and how to find it? Pure mct oil means that it contains only mct’s and not any other impurities which are not required such as colors, odor etc. since its raw form is colorless and tasteless so it need to be in the same form. 

To check the purity of mct oil you need to check if it’s purity is tested, it must be written somewhere on the label that this mct oil is tested and is  free of any impurities. Second thing to check is it should have pharmaceutical grade that means it is tested by a 3rd party and proven as pure. So, if these things are mentioned in the label of the product then you can buy it as pure mct oil otherwise go for other brands.

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MCT Oil Powder

Due to some limitations of mct oil, such as if you have sensitive stomach you can feel discomfort while digesting mct oil, or if you don’t like consuming your drinks or favorite foods with oily texture then there is another alternative to mct oil, this is known as mct oil powder. It has same as mct oil benefits but it is in the form or powder. You can use this with more ease in the powder form. Mct oil powder is made by the mct oil so they have same nutritious properties.

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Try a Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is most famous in people who follow a high fat and lower carbohydrate diet. It is made with coffee beans, unsalted butter and mct oil or coconut oil. It is taken in the place of breakfast because it will increase your energy levels; some people drink it before their work out. The benefits of mct oil bullet proof coffee includes it are part of ketogenic diet, where you need high levels of energy but don’t need to intake more carbohydrates. Mct oil coffee not only provides you with more levels of energy but decreases your appetite.

Man drinks Bulletproof Coffee in an American café
  • Breakfast ·

Bulletproof Coffee – The organic booster for your brain

We're talking about a bulletproof coffee and it's no wonder, it's a 400-calorie bomb! But this drink that harvests so many fans in the United States has become a religion. This coffee replaces your breakfast, speeds up your metabolism and promises to make you arrive without hunger at noon. It is used as a substitute for food with the aim of helping you lose weight.
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